I am the candidate with the
Experience & Expertise
To make progress towards
Achieving our common goals

*House Institutions & Corrections Committee*

This committee allocates the proceeds of state bond issues to investments in infrastructure and buildings.
*Legislative Government Accountability Committee*

This committee is overseeing the necessary cuts in state expenditures while working to preserved needed services. (former member)
     *Bennington Transportation Advisory Committee*
This local committee addresses priorities and policy issues. (former member)
*Economics Ph.D from University of Michigan *
I taught Economics in colleges for fifteen years -- I  bring these skills and background to bear on all policy issues, and it is the strongest tool that I have to try to be sure that we get legislation and programs that will actually work, rather than just sound good.
*Arlington Selectboard & Zoning Board of Adjustment*
My service on these boards has given me a solid understanding of the issues facing our Towns and community residents. 
  *Batten Kill Watershed Alliance*
I have served as the executive director of this river group for some years, and I have been involved in projects that may improve the Battenk Kill and its tributaries throughout all the Towns in this district.